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Physiotherapy Workshops

Our workshops are a great place to come and learn some basic techniques from a professional Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist. All workshops are designed to give you the skills required to meet the needs of your dog and their scenario. Each workshop will include time for practical assessment, meaning the techniques you are taught will be tailored for your individual dog.
Golden Oldie Workshop
A practical workshop for you and your elderly dog, designed to help maintain their quality of life. The session will begin with a short presentation on dog anatomy and issues that can occur in older dogs, giving you greater ability to pick up on the changing needs of your dog.

Your dog is needed at the workshop as much of the session will be geared towards practical massage and exercise therapy. These parts will be tailored towards you and your dog, meaning that you get basic training in techniques that will be specific to your dog. Refreshments for you and your dog will be provided.

Next Golden Oldie Workshop: Saturday 7th June
Venue: Burnside Animal Rehabilitation Centre, Fleet, GU51 3LR.
Time: 14.00-16.00
Price: £49

We can have up to 6 dogs and their owners, but each course will run with at least 3 booked on. We hold our Golden Oldie workshop regularly with details of the next workshop above - please contact us to book your place on the next course as places go fast. You can call 01252 621 631 or drop us a line
through the website.

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Agility Workshop

Core Strength and Proprioception Workshop for Agility Dogs
Burnside can offer a workshop for agility dogs focusing on exercise therapy and how you can help build your dogs core stability and improve their proprioception – all of which helps them work more efficiently in the competition ring.

This workshop is available upon request; if you would like us to come to your agility club and run this workshop then please contact us for more information.
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Testimonial Quote Review
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