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Terms of Business

Burnside Animal Rehabilitation Centre are committed to providing the very best treatment of your pet. Our Terms of Business document can be downloaded by clicking here or you can read the terms below.

1. All animals undergoing treatment do so at their owner/carer’s risk. Every care and responsibility is taken when treating patients and in the maintenance of equipment etc. but no responsibility will be accepted for accidents or illness arising whilst undergoing treatment. No responsibility will be accepted for injury to owners whilst handling their own dogs on the premises.

2. All animals treated at Burnside Animal Rehabilitation Centre require a signed Veterinary Referral Form. After completing the first two sections please pass this to your referring Veterinary Surgeon for their attention and kindly request it to be returned to the Centre.

3. Burnside Animal Rehabilitation Centre has a responsible eco-friendly water management system in place and will maintain the highest water quality at all times with documentation on display at the centre.

4. All treatment must be paid for in advance unless otherwise agreed with Burnside Animal Rehabilitation Centre. All individual treatment must be paid for on the day of treatment within the terms of the invoice sent. The owner/carer of the animal receiving treatment agrees to pay all fees in full to Burnside Animal Rehabilitation Centre. If fees have to be recovered, any extra costs incurred in doing so are the responsibility of the owner/carer/person responsible for the animal. By signing this form you agree to these terms and conditions.

5. Where an insurance claim is to be made, it is the responsibility of the owner to check that their policy covers treatment and no refunds will be given on treatment if insurance is refused.

6. Where a direct insurance claim is being made for the cost of treatment by Burnside Animal Rehabilitation Centre it is the responsibility of the owner/carer of the animal to check and inform Burnside Animal Rehabilitation Centre of the terms of their individual policy. Under no circumstances will Burnside Rehabilitation Centre be liable for fees incurred by the rejection of a claim and the outstanding treatment fees will remain the responsibility of the owner/carer, plus any additional expenses involved in recovering them should a debt collection agency be used. The owner/carer agrees to the payment of all fees by signing this form.

7. If an animal has to stop during the course of a block of treatments, the difference on the course of treatments can be refunded, but all treatment to that point will then be calculated at the single values.

8. We recognise that, sometimes, booked sessions may have to be cancelled by owners or by Burnside Animal Rehabilitation Centre. Provided we are notified at least 48 hours in advance, we are unlikely to charge a cancellation fee (50% of session fee). Should a client fail to inform us in advance and fails to attend for the pre booked appointment, then the session will be charged in full. Burnside Animal Rehabilitation Centre will make all efforts to contact owners if an appointment needs to be changed or cancelled, but will not accept liability for any losses or damage.

9. Animals with infectious or contagious conditions will not be able to be treated and owners/carers are therefore advised to cancel any appointments with at least 24 hours notice until the condition clears. Normal cancellation charges apply. If an owner/carer brings an infectious animal for treatment, they will be responsible for any costs incurred by contamination of our equipment, property and other animals. Animals that have had diarrhoea within 48 hours prior to a hydro will not be allowed to enter the pool.

10. Burnside Animal Rehabilitation Centre reserves the right to refuse an animal treatment.

11. Owners are requested not to feed their animals 2 hours prior to swimming and to allow them time to toilet before their appointment. There is a surcharge of £45.00 for any animal that defecates in the hydrotherapy pool (due to having to close and clean the pool).

12. When in the hydrotherapy unit, Ark Veterinary Practice, car park and surrounding area, your animal must be kept on a lead and under close control.

13. Your animal is the owners/carers responsibility at all times whilst inside and outside the hydrotherapy unit and owners/carers should be aware that other animals are present and that people may enter the rooms at any time. Practice staff will take no responsibility.

14. Children may attend sessions but are the responsibility of the parent/guardian at all times. No responsibility will be taken by Burnside Animal Rehabilitation Centre staff for accidents arising inside or outside the unit. Animals are unpredictable and the hydrotherapy room and practice can be wet and slippery. Children are asked to remain quiet and not to run whilst in the practice.

15. Burnside Animal Rehabilitation Centre and its staff cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles, animals, persons or personal properties, however occasioned.
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Testimonial Quote Review
Testimonial Quote Review
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