Once your treatment plan has started your appointment will be one of two sessions, including a variety of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatments.
These last approx 45 mins and involves ongoing assessment and a prescribed treatment plan from your physiotherapist. Generally we combine physiotherapy and hydrotherapy techniques however this will ultimately depends on the animal and its needs and appropriateness for different techniques.

Once your pet has achieved the initial goals set and requires less input from our physiotherapists, they may be moved onto a maintenance appointment. These sessions last approximately 30 mins. These aim to maintain the achievement made, i.e maintaining muscle bulk, range of movement and keep on top of ongoing conditions such as osteoarthritis. Your physiotherapist will advise as to when you are ready to progress onto these appointments.

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All appointment at Burnside are by appointment only. We are more than happy to answer your questions over the phone of via email, please do feel free to get in touch with us and discuss your pets needs. Once you are ready to make your initial appointment, then we'll need to complete the following steps.

Firstly we will need a Veterinary Referral Form completed with the first two sections completed by yourself before returning to us. We will then contact your vet to arrange for them to complete their section, as well as giving us the opportunity to talk with your vet.

Secondly please ensure you have read our Terms of Business, returning a signed copy to us with your veterinary referral form above.

Finally we can arrange your first appointment, either over the phone on 01252 621631 of via email.


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