Hydrotherapy is not just for dogs, cats can benefit in exactly the same way. Contrary to popular belief they are actually very good at swimming and some cats actually enjoy water!

Hydrotherapy is water based exercise that allows the cat to return to its normal functions in a gentle and progressive way. There are several benefits of your cat exercising in the water.

The buoyancy of the water reduces the load on the cats joints, movement of the limbs is assisted and strengthening of the muscles can occur. Reduced weight bearing on the limbs allows the cat to exercise with reduced pain and therefore range of movement around the joints is increased.

The hydrotherapy pool is kept at a constant temperature of 29-31 degrees. The warmth of the water can help to reduce muscle spasm and promote blood circulation which is essential for promoting healing and reducing swelling around injuries/surgical sites.

Being able to exercise in the water can also help maintain cardiovascular strength as well as helping with weightless when used in conjunction with a good diet.

Hydrotherapy is especially beneficial for cats following orthopaedic surgery, cats with osteoarthritis and those hoping to return to normal function after injury.
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All cats are provided with a buoyancy floatation jacket to enter the water in and a member of staff is in the pool with the cat at all times.

All cats are showered and dried after the session to ensure removal of pool water and to prevent muscle soreness.
Our hydrotherapy pool is sanitised with chlorine and tested tri-daily to ensure the correct chemical levels are maintained to kill bacteria and keep the water at a comfortable PH for your cat's skin.

We also have the pool water tested regularly by an outside water management company to ensure no bacteria or nasties are allowed to grow in the water. This ensures that you can be confident that your cat is in safe hands.

We use a variety of techniques in the water to optimise use of the affected limb in the water.

We also have variable height underwater platforms that cats are able to stand on still immersed in the water. We can then perform massage techniques, exercises and physiotherapy techniques within the water to challenge your cat further.


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