Border Collie
Age 8

Abbie loves competing with her owner in agility. She was referred to Burnside by her vet following an injury to her front leg which caused her to become lame quite suddenly. Bony injury was ruled out and soft tissue injury seemed to be the cause. She was prescribed a short course of anti-inflammatories by the vet and came to us for rehabilitation before returning to agility.

Abbie started by coming to see us twice a week. Her treatments included a mixture of soft tissue work, LASER therapy and home exercises to encourage her to start using the front leg normally again. She then commenced a short course of hydrotherapy to help strengthen the leg. Abbie wasn't a big fan of the water at first but with some careful handling and a quiet approach she settled down and completed her programme.

Abbie is now back to her training and competing career and has gone on to win many rosettes and trophies. She still visits us every 6 weeks for a check up and MOT, to work on any niggles and tension so that future injuries are prevented. We look forward to our monthly hug from Abbie!
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